Want Fast, Convenient Results? Not Long-Term Therapy

Want to work on Results, Not Long-Term Therapy or Counseling?

Work on your relationship with our marriage counseling in Los Angeles and couples therapy and couples/relationship coaching at our Los Angeles office or with home visits

‘Whether we are working with couples, with parents or children, it is the relationship that requires the work, either with others or with self’ – Tony Vernon

We provide face-to-face appointments for marriage counseling, couples therapy, relationship/couples coaching in Los Angeles at our Los Angeles offices or with home visits. We know in person marriage counseling, couples therapy or couples/relationship coaching will have deeper benefits to online sessions. This is because in person sessions allow the deeper dimension to be worked on, bringing the body and heart to the marriage counseling, couples therapy or couples coaching session and more of the dynamic of the relationship to develop greater relationship intelligence.

Marriage counseling, couples therapy or relationship coaching in Los Angeles at our appointment offices or with a home visit is about developing greater relationship intelligence so you can succeed in your loving relationship.

As well as our 90-min appointment sessions we also provide 3-hour intensive home visit sessions in the Los Angeles area for couples that require more immediate marriage counseling, couples therapy or relationship coaching, resolution-based work. Intensive 3-hour sessions at your home can get to the root of issues quickly, and help the relationship to move toward connection, but can be emotionally demanding on the day of work. The four main areas we work on at Loves Hidden Policy to help couples to succeed are:

  • Stress, Defense Mechanisms, Power Struggles, Communication and Connection
  • Infidelity, Arbitration, Divorce, Break Ups, Rebuilding & Returning to Love
  • Resolving Past Hurt, Trust & Security, Play, Enjoyment & Fulfillment
  • Support, Openness, Intimacy & Love Making

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The benefits of in person marriage counseling, couples therapy or relationship coaching in Los Angeles:

Over time in our loving relationship we move into roles and positions and this does not help love flow.  The mind can also become dominant rather than the heart in human relationships, this is why we need to develop relationship intelligence. In-person marriage counseling, couples therapy or relationship/couples coaching in Los Angeles will have different benefits to online marriage counseling, couples therapy or online relationship/couples coaching because the face-to-face relationship with a practitioner allows a greater level of emotional connection than online does. In person sessions allow a deeper dimension in the relationship to be worked on, thus there is a greater opportunity to work on relationship intelligence. With in person sessions the body and so heart come to the session in a greater capacity than online. Due to this, in our 30+ years of experience, in person relationships and couples therapy, marriage counseling and relationship/couples coaching sessions are more heart-felt than online sessions.

What can in person marriage counseling, couples therapy in Los Angeles, or relationship coaching help your relationship with: 

Marriage counseling, couples therapy or relationship/couples coaching in Los Angeles is a proactive choice to work on your relationship intelligence, self awareness and to build a deeper understanding of the dynamic in your loving relationship, this creates a greater understanding of each other. From here a deeper understanding builds a stronger emotional bond and this can be accomplished with our professional support. With our in person marriage counseling, couples therapy and relationship/couples coaching we can help you to understand yourself better and each other in your relationship. We can help you to develop the understanding, and provide you with tools to deal with any emotional issues, and help you to accomplish success in your loving relationship.


Los Angeles and Surrounding Area Home Visit Sessions

Los Angeles Appointment Office: Loves Hidden Policy, 626 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 410, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

Skype or Zoom Video Calls – Globally

Preferred Session Times

For a speedy appointment please try to be as flexible as possible. There is sometimes a waiting list for evening appointments as these are our most popular times.


$250 for a face-to-face 90-minute couples, or parent-child session. When working with children, we always work with parents in the room in these sessions. This is because the parent-child relationships are key to help the child to succeed.

For couples and families who want to, or need to work with greater interventional intensity we provide 3-hour long marathon sessions. These sessions often provide faster breakthroughs and results, but can be emotionally demanding.

Making payments

Sessions can be paid via Paypal, Venmo, Square or cash.


All sessions are private and in strict confidentiality. For celebrity, high-profile or public figures, or any client we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.