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    Work on your relationship from anywhere:

    We understand your need to address your relationship challenges quickly and easily, especially with the time constraints we all have today as professionals. Navigating traveling to an appointment at a location, and scheduling, may add more stress to your life and relationship so we offer Zoom or Skype video calls. These new technologies have made marriage counseling, couples therapy, couples counseling and relationship coaching more convenient so you can get the support you need to help your relationship thrive. We offer online video-based counseling and coaching so you can work on your marriage or relationship from wherever you are quickly and easily.

    The benefits of online marriage counseling, couples therapy and coaching:

    If you and your partner lead busy professional lives or work in different locations, or you are in a long-distance relationship, there are many benefits to online marriage counseling, couples therapy and couples or relationship coaching. Benefits include: you call in from the privacy of your own home or office, finding childcare is no longer an issue, and travel, meetings, or other physical limitations are no longer obstacles to working on your relationship. Of course, the biggest benefit of online marriage counseling, couples therapy and relationship or couples coaching is that it can strengthen your relationship, happiness and long-term success without another time bearing activity to manage.

    What online relationship/couples coaching can help with:

    Online marriage counseling, couples therapy and relationship or couples coaching can help you strengthen your bond, increase trust, and resolve emotional triggers and unhappiness in your relationship. Even more difficult and complex emotional issues such as infidelity, anxiety, depression, anger, and sexual problems can be addressed using marriage counseling, couples therapy and relationship or couples coaching online.

    Online relationship or couples coaching services:

    Whether you need to resolve an immediate problem or work on bigger issues, we can help you professionally to succeed with love. Whether a 90-min or a 3-hour intensive session via Zoom or Skype we can work together to strengthen your marriage or relationship and help to set you up for long-term success. During our initial no-cost consultation, we can work together to determine which option makes the most sense for you.

    Schedule a 15-minute Consultation Tel. or Video call and get your relationship back on track.

    Couples coaching or relationship coaching is not therapy or counseling, but it does have a therapeutic aspect to it, because healthy relationships are themselves therapeutic by nature. However, coaching is results and skill development orientated and this is where couples need the most help. Communication skills are the most important foundation of a loving relationship. How are your communication skills?

    We can help you to build or rebuild:

    A Deep Bond and
    Understanding of Each Other

    Honesty & Openness



    and Fun Together

    Greater Emotional
    Support for One Another

    Google Rating
    Based on 54 reviews

    Coaching with us is about moving forward and working to build a fulfilling, enjoyable and satisfying relationship. We help couples to become clear on what they need to work on, and to define their personal values, goals and vision. Although there are similarities with couples, these aspects of relationships are unique to the couple, because for the openness of love to flow we cannot control one another, we can only love and remain open to help another grow. This is why a loving relationship makes us feel so alive, because it is at its core risky, and so activates and engages our heart.

    If you are facing challenges, or wanting to uncover what is going on beneath the surface of your relationship and are willing to work at it, we can help you.

    Take an honest look at where you are on ‘The Medicine Wheel of a Committed, Loving Relationship’ below. Use the center of the wheel as a 0 and the outer point of each spoke as a 10. Get a sense of what is working, and what areas needs work in your relationship.

    Google Rating
    Based on 54 reviews