Work on your relationship with our relationship counseling in Palm Beach and relationship coaching at Hippocrates in West Palm Beach and in Palm Beach

‘Whether we are working with couples, with families or children, it is the relationship that requires the work, either with others, or with self’ – Tony Vernon

We provide face to face appointments for couples requiring relationship counseling in Palm Beach. We also work with couples in several nearby cities including West Palm Beach and Lake Worth Beach where we meet couples either at Hippocrates Health Institute or at our Delray appointment office. Tony Vernon also lectures at Hippocrates weekly on coaching and emotional health. He built Hippocrates coach training program with Kira Theine, and is their International Head Coach Trainer for their coach training department. Relationship counseling and relationship coaching with us at Hippocrates in West Palm Beach, or Palm Beach, or at our Delray appointment office is about moving forward and working to build a fulfilling, enjoyable, satisfying and loving relationship or secure family with our professional support. We also provide 3-hour intensive home visit sessions from Jupiter to Delray Beach so this includes visiting homes in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach for couples looking for relationship counseling or relationship coaching that requires more immediate resolution-based work. We understand that relationship counseling and relationship coaching and working face to face with couples brings a deeper dimension to the relationship and that intensive 3-hour sessions can be useful to get to the root of issues quickly, and so to move forward, but they can also be emotionally demanding. We recommend having a 60min session with us in the first instance, so see how this session unfolds.


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    The benefits of face to face relationship counseling and relationship coaching:

    In-person face to face relationship counseling and relationship coaching in West Palm Beach at Hippocrates, or at our Palm Beach appointment office, or at our Delray appointment office will have different benefits to online relationship counseling or relationship coaching. Online sessions are useful but face to face sessions allow a deeper dimension to be worked on, bringing the body and heart to the session. With the deeper connection in face to face sessions in West Palm Beach at Hippocrates, or at our Palm Beach appointment office, or at our Delray appointment office we can generate deeper interventional solutions for your relationship. In our 30+ years of experience, face to face relationship counseling and relationship coaching sessions are more heart-felt than online sessions, and therefore more useful at resolving relationship issues.

    Relationship counseling  and relationship coaching is a proactive choice to strengthen and build a loving relationship, or secure family, and develop stronger, deeper emotional bonds with each other with our professional support. With our face to face relationship counseling and relationship coaching we can help you to develop the tools to deal with anxiety, depression, or anger issues and to move past any past emotional issues and help you to accomplish success in your loving relationship.


    Palm Beach and Surrounding Area Home Visit Sessions.

    Palm Beach & West Palm Beach Appointment Offices:
    Hippocrates Health Institute, 1466 Hippocrates Way, West Palm Beach, FL, 33411.
    Symphony Workplaces Palm Beach, 2875 South Ocean Blvd, Suite 200, Palm Beach, FL, 33480.
    Delray Beach Appointment Office – Loves Hidden Policy, 550 SE 6th Ave, Suite C2, Delray Beach, FL, 33483.

    Skype or Zoom Video Calls – Globally.

    Preferred Session Times

    For a speedy appointment please try to be as flexible as possible. There is sometimes a waiting list for evening appointments as these are our most popular times.


    $249 for a face-to-face 60-minute couples, family or parent-child session. When working with children, we always work with parents in the room in these sessions. This is because the parent-child relationships are key to help the child to succeed.

    We do provide a sliding scale of fees to help couples and families who cannot afford our fees on occasions.

    For couples and families who want to, or need to work with greater interventional intensity we provide 3-hour long intensive sessions. These sessions often provide faster breakthroughs and results, but can be emotionally demanding.

    Making payments

    Sessions can be paid via Paypal, Venmo, Square, Apple Pay or cash.


    All sessions are private and in strict confidentiality. For high-profile or public figures, or any client we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.