Is Happiness Short Sighted for Children & Families

Food = Instant Happiness today, or does it? Is our happiness deep and fulfilling, or a buzz of happiness fueled by emotion, adrenalin and sugar?

100% of children by the age of 10 now have Heart Disease, or fatty streaks, the first stage of atherosclerosis, who were raised eating fast, convenient, American processed or packaged food.

Childhood cancer incidence rates are showing a heavy increase, up 27% since 1975. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has now risen to be at an estimated 23% in children in the USA, the link to fast, convenient food here is undeniable.

Processed and fast foods are incredibly high in salt, sugar and poor quality fats to create a taste that causes our children to crave meals from specific brands. It leaves them dehydrated and with a sensation for a specific taste. That craving for ‘that taste’ fuels their emotional and cognitive decisions and so wanting to return to: McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys or Taco Bell, etc. has been manufactured to get them addicted to the brand. But a high salt diet does not just cause cravings, it also raises blood pressure, worse still causes microvascular hemorrhaging, which damages the interior walls of the blood vessels in the brain, and increases permeability and the propensity for a stroke in later life in that child. In studies, adolescent children who’s brains are still under construction who are eating junk food regularly, are more likely to experience depression in later life. Worse still, it is now clear that fried and processed foods destroy nerve cells, linked to IQ in the brain. So, eating fast food regularly can negatively impacts a child’s ability to do well in college later on.

Now, I am not perfect, none of us are. I try to relax on Sundays and have a pizza, but the rest of the week I need to stay disciplined and work at it, because I know my long-term health depends on working daily on my health. So, I work at it, and I bet, I outlive and outperform 90% of people half my age.

However, with children, they have less self-discipline and so we need to protect them and teach them the value of planning for their day ahead, preparing proper food at home to take with them for the day ahead, and if they need help, teach them to do this, with you.

If we don’t… the consequences are with every fast or convenient processed food meal, our children ingest food shaped objects sold for profit rather than good health, devoid of fiber, and loaded with salt, sugar, cheap fats, pesticides, fungicides, addictive chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

You don’t need to be a Doctor or health expert to understand the impact of regular convenient food on your child’s health. You need to think about hitting your child’s organs with a cascade of health damaging substances everyday, 365 days a year. It is going to have an impact. Take a stand for their health, as instant happiness from food is short-sighted and can also mask how you, or your child really feels almost completely. Sugar is a drug, as strong as cocaine in studies. Food is also a convenient way to get an instant buzz of happiness, and stuff down and avoid feelings, but what are the consequences on doing this long-term on you, and on your children?

I hear coaching is about goals all the time, but it isn’t. Everyone is struggling with time these days, the world has become incredibly fast-paced. As adults we usually think in polarized ways, emotionally, but life and our thinking does not have to be that way. There are always options to every experience and decision we make, and we must learn to think through these options to create better outcomes. We must not navigate emotionally all the time. We need to think about our options more frequently, and constantly develop this skill.

So, how we can help our children to look after their health better is teach them to think through their options at the start of the day, or with a car discussion on the way to school, or an hour before meal time, to help them to make better decisions to choose healthy food. This will positively impact us too!

Let’s talk through some options for breakfast this morning… to keep us all healthy?

What are the options we can think of for lunch today, to fuel our afternoon, and life long-term?

What can we have for dinner tonight together, that will help us to feel good tomorrow and to build our health long-term?

By encouraging option discussions, we are teaching our children to think and plan better, and to take better care of their health and lives. This will again, positively impact us too!

Put your children’s health and family first, above the companies that are marketing to you with food, everyday. Be aware, only a small group of people will have a genuine intention, to really look after you.

Look after you. Look after your children.


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